Insensitive MH370 Halloween Costume Causes Furore

PETALING JAYA (The Star/Asia News Network) – Insensitive, rude and heartless. These are just some of the remarks expressed by Malaysians shocked at seeing “bloodied MH370 costumes” of Halloween party-goers on the internet.

“Morons. Jerks. What the hell are they thinking?” said Aishah Khumaira who could not contain her disgust for their costume choices.

“I wish I could throw a grenade to them. I’m bursting out like crazy because of these idiots. Do they even know the word ‘respect’? Bloody non-educated people!”

Chris Sim condemned the revellers for demonstrating “zero respect” for passengers and crew of MH370, as their families are still yearning and longing for their return.

A search for #flightmh370 on Instagram and Twitter by The Star Online on Sunday, showed at least six individuals who made Halloween costumes related to the tragedy.

One of them, Instagram user nystone01, had uploaded a picture of three zombie-like individuals in cheongsams, while showing off their cabin crew identification cards, bearing the Malaysia Airlines logo.

The picture was accompanied with a hashtags such as ‘something wrong’, ‘Malaysianairlines’, and ‘flightmh370’.

Arif Sharimie said it reflected “a low class mentality”, and “the the two most common elements in the universe are “hydrogen and stupidity”.

Australian National University student Michael Loo said his institution’s newspaper also came up with the poor idea: “How bloody inconsiderate.”

Hilmiah Ahmad said their actions did not consider the feelings of families affected by the tragedy.

“Shame on them. Guess it never occur to them that similar tragedies could happen to members of their family too,” she added.

To Nicholas Lin, the insensitive actions stemmed from a lack of empathy with Malaysians and other nationalities affected by the mysterious disappearance of Flight MH370 on March 8.

“Because its nothing to do with their country. Try making fun of 9/11 and see how they react?” he added, suggesting that no national tragedy should be made light of.



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