Government Ministries Refuse To Hire 60 Year Old Retirees

The Government is trying very hard to extend the employment of those aged 60 and above.

However, the effort seems focused on those already in employment at the age of 60, then continuing on to 62 or 65.

Various schemes in place are not meant for those in their early 60s who retired earlier and now want to get back to work after a gap of one to two years.

I retired last year at age 59 and, having turned 60 this year, decided to get back into the workforce.

I tried applying for positions in various ministries and government agencies.

There was usually no reply, except for a handful of rejections, even for positions such as administrative assistant.

I have more than 30 years of experience working in a multinational company in the oil industry and have done some lecturing at a polytechnic recently.

Yet, when I applied to be a relief teacher, I received a rejection from the Education Ministry.

I didn’t even get a shot at an interview.

Perhaps the Manpower Ministry could look at how to get the “young elderly” aged 60 to 65 employed.

Surely it shouldn’t exclude those who have retired and later want to work again and are willing to accept lower wages.

Lui Chiew Yee



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