Government To Set Up CPF Advisory Panel In Feedback Exercise

The government is setting up a CPF Advisory Panel to ask the public about what they feel about the CPF System.

In a media release, the Ministry of Manpower explained that they want to hold Focus Groups to gather feedback on four main issues. These issues are:

How the Minimum Sum should be adjusted after 2015, whether members should be allowed to withdraw a lump sum, how to increase the choices of the amount of cash payouts and how to give members more flexibility to get higher returns.

The CPF Panel will be holding the discussions over the next few months and members can get more information and sign up at

It seems that the government is finally listening and taking feedback from the public after much public discussion and dissatisfaction.

The public have organised their own gatherings, spoken up on many occasions at Hong Lim Park through the monthly CPF protests and one activist, blogger Roy Ngerng, is even being sued by the PM for writing about CPF.

Why is it that now, the government wants to listen but fails to acknowledge that they have only finally decided to do so after citizens made so much noise about it?

Is this the way the government “gathers feedback” in Singapore – Ignore the people when they speak up and even try to silence them by revoking permits and issuing legal threats only to turn around and open up public dialogues months later and pretend that it is their idea to listen to the public?



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