Stabbing at Raffles Green

SINGAPORE – A fight between two men apparently broke out at Raffles Green during lunchtime on Friday, leaving one badly wounded.

A reader was told by eyewitnesses that two middle-aged Chinese men got into an argument outside Raffles Place MRT station just before 1pm on Friday, after which one man stabbed the other.

Another eyewitness, Ms Qiu, told Lianhe Wanbao two men were tussling with each other, and one took out a knife to stab the other in the waist, butt and left hand.

The fight attracted the stares of passers-by, and one woman attempted to pull them apart. Both fell to the ground after the stabbing. Ms Qiu said that the attacker had attempted to snatch the victim’s laptop bag.

Mr Ye Xiang, 27, who works at a bank, told Wanbao he saw the attacker stabbing the victim with a knife of about 15cm in length. Three other men, two Caucasian and one Indian, also came forward to help.

The man who was injured chased after the one who stabbed him for about 200m, and both men ended up near UOB Plaza. Student Roy Chng, 25, said that when he arrived on the scene at 1pm, an ambulance was attending to the victim. The attacker appeared to have an injury on his arm.

The two men involved have been sent to Singapore General Hospital, said the Singapore Civil Defence Force.



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