Potty Training Near Restaurant at MBS For Caucasian Toddler

It was definitely a sight that visitors would not expect to see at a world-class casino-resort.

A beautiful Sunday outing was somewhat ruined for some visitors and diners at Marina Bay Sands resort yesterday when they saw a toddler doing her business in public.

A woman from a group dining at the atrium area of a restaurant at lunch-time had arranged a potty for the girl to relieve herself, just a few metres away from their table.

Instead of taking the girl, who looked like she was two years old, to the toilet, which was located nearby, the woman was tending to her without a care for diners dining metres away at two restaurant, or visitors who were walking past.

Also nearby was a foodcourt which was filling up with a lunch crowd.

Said a flabbergasted diner: “How can they let the girl do her business in public? They should just take her to a toilet nearby. It’s so near. Furthermore, she’s not a baby. She looks like she’s more than two years old.”

Wait staff serving the group seemed oblivious to what was happening, as the toddler, partially hidden by a standy, was out of their view. She seemed quite happy to be ensconced on the potty for a good 20-to-30 minutes.

After finishing her business, the girl was seen playing and running around the area with another young girl.


Source: http://news.asiaone.com

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