Hearing Expert Claiming Relations With Michelle Yeoh Arrested For Filming Voyeuristic Video Of Patients

A Malaysian doctor, who boasted that he is Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh’s half-brother, has been jailed for five years in the UK.

The voyeuristic Dr Yeoh Lam  Hoe, a renowned hearing expert, had earlier pleaded guilty to  videotaping over 1,000 people using the toilet.

The doctor had installed pinhole cameras at hospital restrooms, train toilets across the United Kingdom, as well as the bathroom inside his own house.

He had used 23 secret cameras to film his victims, including James Bond-style devices disguised as memory sticks, pens, watches and hearing aid boxes.

Over more than three years, world-renowned hearing specialist Yeoh – who worked in NHS and private hospitals – amassed thousands of hours of footage.

5 years’ jail 

Yeoh, 62, of Banstead, Surrey, who pleaded guilty to voyeurism on Tuesday, was given an eight-year sentence at Croydon Crown Court in London on Nov 26.

It comprises a five-year jail term and three years on extended licence after his release during which he will be supervised in the community. He can be returned to prison if he breaks the terms of his licence.

Victims felt violated by the doctor

Afterwards victims said they had been left feeling dirty and violated by his abuse, reported the Mail Online.

One former colleague, who asked to be called Sarah, said the experience had changed forever the way she behaves in public. “I can’t go to the toilet in a public place now without looking for hidden cameras,” she said.

Another woman, who worked with Yeoh for 12 years, said he made 47 videos of her.

She told the newspaper: “He spliced videos of me talking and laughing with videos of me using the toilet where we worked.”

 “I felt frozen. I felt dirty as though I had been raped by him. I felt disgusting.” – One victim, recalling the moment police asked her to watch the videos back to identify herself.

“I knew the only way I could be free of him was to face him in the dock and see him vulnerable and small, just like he made me feel.”

While sentencing Yeoh, who has three grown children, Judge Warwick McKinnon condemned his “nefarious and despicable actions” and said he had disgraced the hospitals where he worked.

Source: Daily Mail, BBC News


Source: www.tnp.sg

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