Petition To Request FAS President Zainuddin Nordin To Step Down

Petition Background (Preamble):

After a disastrous year following Singapore’s early group stage exit from the AFF Suzuki Cup on home soil, we seek current Football Association of Singapore’s president Mr Zainuddin’s understanding and kindly request him to step down from the role at the main football governing body in Singapore.

While the current national coach may be responsible for the failure, we believe Mr Zainuddin’s administration for the sport in Singapore has resulted to such a debacle and he should take some responsiblity for the failure as well. We believe he is not up to the task as a top administrator for the number 1 sport in Singapore.

In addition, he has several positions in his current portfolio including being a Member of Parliament, which may enable him not to put in 100% on developing football. We need a better football administrator who is fully dedicated to develop football, with vast football knowledge and experience and to bring Singapore to a brand new chapter of greater heights at a bigger stage out of Southeast Asia.

And thus, we request Mr Zainuddin to step down as president of FAS for the sake of Singapore football.


We, the supporters of Singapore football, call on Mr Zainuddin to step down as President of FAS for the sake of the sport in Singapore.

Ciaran Chia



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