Lee Hsien Loong On Population Growth Of Native Singaporeans

Lee Hsien Loong was also asked about Singapore’s low birth rate, and he admitted the government’s pro-family incentives are “still not enough”. In comparison to his father, Lee said he is “much inferior to him in this matter — what he dares to say, I may not dare to say”.

“We have encouragement, which is important, we also pay close attention to early childhood education and childcare services,” he said. “This is because many women want to continue working after childbirth, so who will take care of the children when that happens? … That is why we are opening more childcare centres, and are grooming more kindergarten teachers. But it is still not enough.”

>He also spoke about Singapore’s casinos, and how his father previously opposed it, saying the elder Lee supported the policy later on because “the world changed, so we have to change too”.

“But we think of ways to protect our people, to prevent them from spiralling down with gambling addiction,” he said, saying that in the four years since they opened, the number of Singaporeans who gamble is not increasing, and has stayed at about 20 per cent of the country’s casino visitors.

Source: https://sg.news.yahoo.com

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