Malacca Government Supports Chinese Peranakans Bid For Bumiputra Status

The Malacca government has declared its backing of a move by the state’s Peranakan Chinese to obtain Bumiputera status, pointing out the community had played a pivotal role in protecting the state from attackers during the early days of the Sultanate.

According to The Star today (Dec 18), Chief Minister Idris Haron said his administration already regards the community, which is said to have settled in the bustling southern state from as early as the 14th century, as Malacca’s indigenous people.

“Based on historical facts, they arrived on this soil with noble intentions and they extended their friendship to the Malacca Sultanate,” Mr Idris was quoted saying after a meeting with the state executive council yesterday.

As such, the chief minister said his government will support the Peranakan Chinese Association of Malaysia’s (PCAM) bid to secure Bumiputera status for the community.

He also called for more documentation to endorse the community as the state’s indigenous people.

According to the English daily, it has been reported that PCAM president Ronald Gan is seeking to endorse Malacca’s Peranakan Chinese as Bumiputeras, along with the state’s Malay and Portugese communities.

The paper said Gan had reasoned that the Peranakan Chinese were recognised as Malays when the Malay Customary Land was established under the Malacca Land Customary Rights Ordinance, which was drawn up under British rule between 1826 and 1957. THE MALAY MAIL ONLINE



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