Red Tape Undermines Objective Of Pioneer Generation Package

When I went to the clinic and opted to use the Pioneer Generation Package funding by the government, the clinic required me to sign a consent form, giving a lot of details.

I asked – what for?

The doctor explained that the consent form is to allow the doctors to provide details of consultations to MOH auditors when they come to the clinic to audit the claims.

Surely, if a patient is benefiting from the government funding, it should be spelled out in the law that the consent is implied. This will save a few hundred thousand people signing useless forms and time spent by doctors to explain useless matters.

Just because the Minister of Health is too lazy or too incompetent to issue a regulation about the “implied consent” or to get a law passed in Parliament, the whole country has to suffer from this useless burden and cost.

The doctor said that he had raised this issue with the Ministry of Health when the form first came out. They agreed “to look into the matter” but nothing was done for several months.

He now has to file the consent form and check with the patient each time, if they have signed the consent form. Instead of doing his work as a doctor, he now spends precious time checking forms! LOL!

What a useless person who now sits as the Minister for Health. What is the Prime Minister doing about it? Surely, they know that these are unnecessary work and cost which can be avoided.

Tan Kin Lian

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