Photo Of Handcuffed Children By Policemen Caused Online Furore

Three children aged between nine and 12 years old were arrested for theft on Saturday morning.

They were handcuffed by the police near the traffic junction next to 112 Katong at East Coast Road before being taken to a nearby police station in a police car. A police spokesman added that the suspects were handcuffed for their safety and the safety of others as they had attempted to escape before officers arrived.

A photo of the children being handcuffed was posted on several online platforms on Saturday morning, including citizen journalism website Stomp, creating a buzz. IT manager Jeremy Tan, who saw the photo on Facebook, said: “They are just kids. Even if they have stolen something, they shouldn’t be treated like that. It is not appropriate.” However others said the police did the right thing, since there was a risk the children could dash on to the roads to escape.

Police said they received a call at about 8.09am requesting for assistance at a building along East Coast Road. “It was established that a case of theft from person had occurred at the said location,” a statement added.

Investigations are ongoing.



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