Activities To Do In Malaysia Over The Weekend

The main difference between Singaporeans and Malaysians is this: One is “divide by 2.5”, the other is “multiply by 2.5”. Any other aspect is almost similar: the language, the complaints about the weather, the “got free gift?” face we show to the sales assistant.

Every weekend, the causeway will be jammed because Singaporeans head north to Malaysia. No matter what their purpose is, there are the things that, despite how early or late it is, Singaporeans will definitely do.

Have breakfast, bunch, lunch, tea, dinner, supper and late-night supper

Whatever you can find in Malaysia, you can find in Singapore. The only difference is the “divide by 2.5”. While taste is very subjective, the “divide by 2.5” is absolute. Therefore, we can conclude that the “divide by 2.5” is the main reason why we do that, not because of the taste.

But to be fair, sometimes, the food at Malaysia better lah.

Buy groceries

Have you seen those middle-aged women stocking up on discount stuff in NTUC? Well, if they’re in a Malaysia supermarket, they’ll stock up everything in the supermarket, because after “divide by 2.5”, everything becomes a discount item. If possible, they might even buy the entire shopping centre.

Buy chewing gum and cigarettes

The law says that we can’t buy them. But honestly speaking, if one doesn’t buy one bottle of chewing gum and one pack of cigarettes back to Singapore, people would wonder whether you go to the City Square at Farrer Park MRT Station (Singapore) or the City Square at Johor Babru (Malaysia).

Pump petrol (for drivers)

You don’t just do the “divide by 2.5” with petrol. You just pump without looking at the price. You don’t even give a damn about what card have what discount. You just pump, for you know it’s always cheaper. Even when you just need to pump one litre, just do it. Even if it cost more to drive into a petrol station, you just do it. Pumping petrol in Malaysia is in Singaporeans’ blood.

Wash car (for drivers)

Let me illustrate this for non-drivers:
A car wash in Singapore is about SGD$7 and they just throw soap and water at the exterior of your car and wipe them off—all done within five minutes.

A car wash in Malaysia is about RM 8 (do the “divide by 2.5” now!!) and they take about forty-five minutes to clean everything—including your seat. Sometimes, after a wash, you might not recognize your car.

Bonus: one thing Singaporeans don’t do in Malaysia
Have a meal in McDonald’s. I mean, what the hell?



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