Inan Saligan: Singaporeans Are Talent-less, Skill-les And Self-Important Jerks

After TTSH nurse Edz Ello who made anti-Singapore comments went viral on Facebook, the Filipino embassy urged all Pinoys to carry themself with dignity and to be careful of the speech they make especially on social media.

Unfortunately, some Pinoys living and working in Singapore have failed to get the memo. Now this Filipino by the name of Inan Saligan claims that Singaporeans are TRASH and we are a bunch of talentless, skill-less and self important jerks.

He then proudly declare that Singapore is nothing without the help and contribution of the Pinoys.

Does he not realise that Filipinos are coming here to get decent jobs because the Philippines is unable to provide them with good jobs?

Does he not realise he is a guest is another country and should use some common sense to be respectful to the nation that is hosting him?

Has he no parents to teach him manners? What should Singapore do to foreigners who hate Singapore to the core? Should we tolerate such behavior just to retain their IMPORTANT service to Singapore?

Or should we kick them out before they overstay their welcome in our little red dot? Here are some handsome pictures of Inan Saligan. If you recognise him, feel free to contact us 🙂



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