Canadian Road Rager Jason Blair Unger Charged In Court

Canadian Jason Blair Unger, 39, threw the bicycle he was riding on at Mr Woo Wing Onn’s car after he thought he was being honked at. This incident took place at Selegie Road on 17 October 2014.

For his road rage, Jason Blair Unger was charged in court with mischief on 14 January 2015 (Wednesday) and applied for an adjournment of the case to engage himself a lawyer.

Meanwhile his bail extension was approved and he is to attend court scheduled for 28 January 2015.

As a result of his actions, dents were caused to the vehicle’s bonnet with a total damage of $2,200.

Lucky for Mr Woo, his in-car camera caught the whole incident on tape and he subsequently posted the video on STOMP. Based on Mr Woo’s account, he was driving home when he honked at a taxi ahead for road hogging. However a cyclist (Jason Blair Unger) up head thought he was being honked at and flew into a rage resulting in the altercation.

For his actions, Jason Blair Unger could be jailed up to 2 years and receive a fine.



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