Confessions Of A Gay Officer In The SAF

I’m an officer with the saf. And I am gay. I was being investigated by the MSD for allegations of “bringing disrepute to the saf” by visiting a gay club earlier last year, and further, being penalized by confessing I am gay.

I was deemed a security threat, had my security clearance downgraded, transferred to a non-ops unit and my promotion stalled among all the ridiculous “measures” to “manage” me. The most humiliating thing was to sign a form which basically says i can’t be gay & to refrain from engaging in any homosexual activities.

But, there was a stark clause which says I can’t have a gay partner. I politely told them to exclude that clause because I ve been in a relationship with my partner for 6 years. I was not going to allow an “sop” to dictate who I want to be with. MSD agreed.

I just want to encourage servicemen esp nsfs who are gay and are afraid of coming out – you are not alone; never let anyone put u down for who u are. Have the courage to stand up for yourself. Now, go be fabulous.

[Admin note: the veracity of the claims here cannot be verified]


Source: Gay SG Confessions

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