Is The Police Tailing Malay-Muslim Activists?

Some of you may have known from my previous posting that i was followed by people whom I believe to be the police. Whether it’s the ISD or the CID, it doesn’t matter. What matters more is the reason why I was being followed.

A few friends were kind enough to msg me personally and ask if there’s anything serious. They were concern of my well being. Some had thought that I was just imagining things. No I wasn’t. I am very clear on this.

Prior to yesterday’s incident, I had always been followed by a black Toyota Mark X, bearing the number plate SJXXXXXH. I only realized that I was being shadowed sometime after my GAZA event at Hong Lim Park. I don’t know how many times exactly I was being followed but I can say for sure I was shadowed at least 4 times by this same vehicle on different days.

On why I was certain that it wasn’t just my imagination:

I made a few manoeuvres which doesn’t make sense if one is driving normally. I made 2 consecutive U-turns. I slowed down to a crawling pace. I accelerated at will. I parked by the side of the road. I wasted a couple of dollars to enter and exit from a shopping centre car park. All the time, the vehicle followed my route.

The last time I saw the black Toyota Mark X was on 31 Dec 2014 when I attended SDP’s event at Thomson. Yesterday’s incident involved 3 different vehicles. 2 cars and one bike. It was surprising that they would actually deploy such manpower over an individual like me.

Initially, I was very much fearful. But the fears quickly turned to being annoyed. What have I done to deserve being followed like a criminal? Was it my political background? Or was it for being outspoken on Palestinian issues. Either way, there’s nothing criminal for doing both. In fact, by them doing this, it strengthened my resolve to continue and do what is right within the laws of the land.

I have made a police report about the incident yesterday. As a citizen, I have every right to know why am I under such scrutiny. What suspicions have they got to encroach on the rights of an individual and compromise my privacy.

I wish to understand this from their points of view and meet with these officers to get a clearer picture. They are not going to silence me by these cheap tactics. I will soon write in to MHA and request for an audience with the appropriate officers. If need be, I shall camp outside their office as this involve my safety.


Source: Osman Sulaiman

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