Remove Nadi Magazine Featuring Non-Muslims Like Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa and Gandhi From MUIS’ Archive

Hard copies of the MUIS publication Nadi magazine were prominently-placed in mosques in Singapore.

We take exception to this particular issue.

The cover depicts three non-Muslim personalities – Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and Mother Theresa

It is undeniable that there are character traits that are present in for example Mandela that are admirable – his moral courage for one – and that Muslims should emulate. However, ultimate success in Islam carries a different paradigm. Success is attained when one has the right Aqeedah upon death. We therefore cannot consider these personalities as ultimately successful.

More than that.

Mother Theresa cares for the sick in Calcutta. However, on their deathbed, she tries to make them convert to her religion.

This is something grave in Islam. It is a cause of great fitnah. Especially if the sick she was caring for was a Muslim.

We request this particular issue of Nadi be removed from the MUIS archives.


Source: Singapore Muslims for an Independent MUIS

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