Meet The Rich Kids Of Malaysia

Just last week, we opened up your eyes to the lavish world of Tehran’s finest youths, who claim to be ‘The Rich Kids Of Tehran.’ (Read Here)

A day after, a spin-off Instagram account called, ‘The Rich Kids Of Malaysia’ was set up and has now amassed a total of over a thousand followers.

The account that has recently garnered attention currently allows nominations and has posted pictures of those who are deemed to be the ‘elite.’

RKOM Female RKOM Male

After failing to contact the account owner to clarify, a source told us how he stumbled upon the account and saw his friends’ pictures being posted up on the account without their permission.

“I don’t mind someone starting an account like that, I can understand the poor souls’ need for such a thing. But at least do it right, you know?

“Worse was when I saw my friends’ pictures, (whether rich or not, doesn’t matter) in the posts and clearly they had no idea that this was happening.”

After going somewhat viral on social media yesterday, the account owner that purportedly created it out of ‘fun and leisure’ relayed a statement through an Instagram post, “To the owners of the pictures, kindly DM, Tweet or email me if you want me to remove your pictures. I will respect your concern.”

The account clearly received mixed reactions from users, even those whose pictures have been posted without their knowledge:

Despite the negative comments received by viewers, the account owner remains positive and bites back to ‘haters’ stating, “I also received DMs thanking me coz uploading their pic. As I mention(sic) in my profile, this is a leisure page for fun people. Luckily I also received positive feedback even from the owner of the pics.. on top of that, I respect every request to delete any pics by the owner.. #keepitpositive, I agree..”



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