PAP Members Alleged Indian Man Arrested In Thaipusam Fracas Insulted Islam

Today’s Straits Times report on the arrest of the three Indians involved in the scuffle during Thaipusam stated that one of the Indians “insulted the police officer’s religion, Islam” during the confrontation.

This had been denied by the Indian in his account of what happened. The Indian man said that he just asked the officer why Muslims are allowed to play their kompang drums whereas Hindus cannot play their urumi on Thaipusam.

PAP members online tried to play up this ‘against Islam’ version to try and get netizens to condemn the men who were arrested. They raised the boogeyman of the 1964 race riots and tried to say that the officers had prevented a race riot.

On the FAP page, PAP member Daniel Tan Boon Huat (Woodgrove branch) harassed Indian Singaporeans and asked if they wanted to get arrested too:

Dani Herwie Daniel Tan Boon Huat

Another PAP member, Johari Bin Mohamed Rais who serves in Aljunied GRC with Victor lye further tried to instigate tensions between Hindus and Muslims:

Johari Bin Mohamed Rais

There is an effort to portray the three Indians as people who insulted Islam to prevent sinkies from uniting against the PAP in this Thaipusam incident. Divide and conquer strategy.

Hope sinkies stay united and not fall for this.

Btw, this is PAP member Daniel Tan Boon Huat who harassed local Indians and threatened them with arrest:


Daniel Tan Boon Huat Selfie


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