Indian Nationals Jailed For Their Role in 2013 Little India Riots

Two more Indian nationals in Singapore were sent behind bars Tuesday for their involvement in the December 2013 riots in the Little India area of this city state, media reported.

Rajendran Mohan, 26, and Sathiyamoorthy Sivaraman, 27, were respectively awarded 27-month and 25-month jail sentences for their involvement in rioting, Today Online reported.

Mohan pleaded guilty Tuesday while co-accused Sivaraman pleaded guilty in September last year.

Mohan committed an offence of mischief against a motorbus.

Rajendran joined a group of at least five others in committing violence against a motorbus on the road, by throwing objects such as a plastic crate at it, and inserting lighted objects in the fuel inlet.

He also tried, in futility, to topple the bus by kicking and pushing it, before cajoling others in the unlawful assembly to join him, a district court heard.

Rajendran was arrested at the scene and his acts identified through footage captured by the CCTV camera mounted on the side of the bus.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Santhra Aiyyasamy said Rajendran had a clear intention to burn the bus and persistent disregard for authority.

The maximum penalty for rioting is a jail term of seven years and caning.

The riots were sparked off after an Indian, Sakthivel Kumaravel, was run over by a bus in Little India. This was the worst outbreak of violence in the country in more than four decades.

A total of 23 emergency vehicles were damaged, more than 50 officers were hurt and 25 people were charged in the riots.



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