Midnighter: First Gay Superhero To Take Lead In DC Series

People have raised questions over Batman’s sexuality, given his fondness for tight-fitting Lycra, secret identities, and young male companions.

But there are no questions over DC’s new lead character, Midnighter – he’s gay and proud.

The superhero is to take the lead in a DC comics series this summer, written by Steve Orlando – making him DC’s only gay lead, after Batwoman stepped back into the shadows.

The bio-engineered superhuman was created in 1998, and married his husband Apollo in a union which had (intentional) echoes of Batman and Superman’s friendship.

He also used his superhuman healing powers to recover from AIDS in just six weeks, as well as attempting to assassinate Hitler.

Apart from his love life, Midnighter’s main interest is really extreme violence – he moves so quickly he’s almost impossible to defeat in combat, and has a fondness for ripping out people’s spines.

Orlando says, ‘Midnighter was a huge character for me when I was young. Showed me there was no one way to be confident, LGBT and awesome.


Source: http://metro.co.uk

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