Beware of Durian Scam By Malaysians

Dear TRS,

I wanna share about this conman!

Happened to me last week at Woodlands HDB. He cheated my mom to buy 4 durians that cost $252!

He’s rounding at HDB block for people to buy his durian. But will come back with his ‘guni’ bags of durians.

He’ll tell you 1kg cost $15.

He will say once he peeled the skin, must take. He will keep on peeling the skin. Until the fourth one, he’ll take the weight of the durian and tell you the cost!

Ridiculously, for my mum case, cost $252!

He even ask my mum to go to atm! My mum paid him $50 and went to the atm. That’s when i decided to call the police. He even dared to make sure that my mum went to the atm.

He will keep on pestering for the money! I’d reported to the police! He is believed to be a malaysian man. Cause he say he’ll leave his passport at your house, to drive you to the atm. But my mum prefer to go by herself. And he drive a blue malaysian plate car.

If anyone saw this guy, do not hesitate to inform police!

I am not the only victim either, I have seen this facebook post being circulated and wanted to also share my experience:


Durian Scam



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