Come Aboard The Gay Love Boat In Singapore

Dear TRS,

I don’t want to be homophobic or anything but I wish highlight a major hypocrisy in our system.

I read that there is a Gay Cruise which will berth at Marina Bay Cruise Centre in April:

Gay Cruise from Singapore to HK​, coming Singapore April 2015​

March 29 – April 9, 2015
Singapore to Hong Kong Cruise
Celebrity Millennium

This is outrageous, Singapore welcomes World largest Gay Cruise to Marina Bay Centre Cruises.

The Penal Code 377A is against man to man sex, anal etc, yet we allow such a gay cruiseship to be berth in Singapore, and welcome 2000+ gays to visit and transit in Singapore.

The government has repeatedly explained that they are not ready to repeal s377A despite a lot of support and a growing Pink Dot community.

However, when commercial benefits are involved, such as in this cruise, they openly welcome thousands of people into Singapore even though they are likely to be breaking the law that the government refuses to repeal.

If the government is saying that there are cultural issues and Singapore is conservative, that’s why we need 377A, how can we welcome such a huge group of people to come here who may conflict with that culture?

Is it just for monetary gains, the govt allows such cruise chip to come via Marina Bay Cruise Centre.

This isn’t really a debate about s377A but the hypocrisy is outstanding.


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