Activist Han Hui Hui Files Judicial Review Application

Activist and blogger Han Hui Hui turned up at the Supreme Court on Wednesday afternoon (Feb 25), to file a judicial review application against the Attorney-General. Channel NewsAsia understands Ms Han is challenging what she calls a “Blanket Refusal” to permit her to speak or organise a demonstration at the Speakers’ Corner.

Last October, the National Parks Board had cancelled approvals granted to Ms Han to speak and demonstrate at Speakers’ Corner, and said it would not approve further applications for her to use the space at Hong Lim Park, until a police case against her was concluded.

Ms Han, along with five others, including fellow blogger Roy Ngerng, had been charged on Oct 23 last year, for causing public nuisance by disrupting a charity carnival last September. They reportedly led several hundred people in a march around Hong Lim Park and encroached into the area where YMCA’s annual carnival Proms @ The Park was held. They also allegedly frightened some children with special needs who were about to perform on stage.

Ms Han and Mr Ngerng were also charged with organising a demonstration without approval.

Regarding her judicial review application, Ms Han told Channel NewsAsia she had hired a lawyer to represent her – the third one so far, but he did not show up, due to “personal matters”.

Ms Han had earlier told the media she would be appearing at State Courts at 2.30pm. She arrived at 2.17pm, accompanied by two friends, but was told she should be at the Supreme Court instead.



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