Elections Department Setting Up Hotlines To Handle Expected Surge In Public Queries

It looks like preparations for the next Election are really gearing up as the Election’s Department is also looking to set up a dedicated elections hotline.

Calling for a tender earlier this month, the Elections Department said that they were looking for the set up of hotline to address what they expect to be a surge in public inquiries. According to the elections department, the hotline can cost up to $1 million.

Earlier, the Elections Department also put out the list of revised constituency boundaries and electoral lists.

While the Elections Department has continually emphasised that these measures are just part of ongoing preparations which are conducted routinely, there is a lot of speculation in cyberspace that elections will be called very soon.

Many are expecting an early election sometime this year as it is SG50 and people are expected to be in generally high spirits after a year-long celebration for Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.



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