Is There A Gutter Oil Collector Roaming In Chua Chu Kang?

Stomper Michael saw this man who appeared to be pumping out sewer contents from a drain near Choa Chu Kang Block 687 yesterday (Feb 28).

Michael is concerned that the man might be draining grease traps and collecting ‘gutter oil’.

This sighting comes after a spate of similar incidents last year, in which people were seen pumping out content from grease traps at various locations in Singapore. Some were eventually arrested and charged for doing so without a permit.

The tools used by this man look similar to those that had been used by other people who were caught pumping out sewer contents in earlier cases.

Said the Stomper:

“Saw this yesterday (Feb 28) at about 9.30am to 10am, at Choa Chu Kang Block 687 coffee shop.

“Why are there people still doing this nowadays?”



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