Man Jailed For Lying About Address To Enrol Daughter Spot In Prestigious Primary School

A self-employed man who lied about where he lived to get his daughter enrolled in a prestigious primary school was sentenced to two weeks’ jail.

The 35-year-old, who cannot be named to protect his daughter’s identity, is appealing against the sentence. He pleaded guilty last month to giving false information to the school’s principal on Jul 30, 2013. He also told authorities that he lived within one to two kilometres of the school instead of at his actual address at Balestier Road.

The address the man stated in the application forms was for a property leased to an American national who is renting the unit until Apr 2016.

The false information secured his daughter a place at the school. She was reportedly still enrolled in the school when the man was charged on Mar 27 last year. The matter was brought to light in December 2013 when the Ministry of Education (MOE) visited what was purportedly the man’s house.

Defence lawyer Ramesh Tiwary urged the court to impose only a fine as the man was a “law-abiding citizen” with a clean record. He added that his client had genuinely intended to move into the address, as stated in the application, but was unable to do so because he could not contact the tenant.

MOE said it will decide on a course of action “in due course” with regard to the student, adding that the school will ensure her well-being.



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