Tan Chuan-Jin: Single-shift Drivers Can Earn More Than $3,000 A Month

Responding to a parliamentary question about the salaries of taxi drivers, Manpower minister Tan Chuan-Jin said that a driver in 2014 earned an average of $3,173 for single-shift drivers while those working double-shifts could earn an average $5,933 a month.

He explained that about 98,000 Singaporeans held a current Vocational License in December 2014 and about 56,000 were presently registered with taxi companies.

In terms of the demographics of taxi drivers, over 80% of them were aged over 50 years old. In terms of their educational qualifications, 90% of drivers possessed at least a secondary school education.

MP Irene Ng had asked specifically about how many were former PMETs but Mr Tan said that they do not have such data.


Source: www.therealsingapore.com

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