Rude FT At Pizza Hut Changi Airport Is Giving Singapore A Bad Name

Dear TRS,

On Sunday at around 1.45pm, I and a group of family member were at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 to sent off our guest to her hometown.

While waiting for the check in, we’ve decided to have our lunch at pizza hut as per request from my wheelchair bound aunt.

The restaurant look calm and not so much patron at that time.. so my mum walk in and approach the service staff which is a pinoy whom was talking to her collegue.

Mum wanted to asked her if the wheelchair can fit into their restaurant. But was taken aback when she replied “Excuse me ma’am, cant u see that Im talking to my collegue???” That was harsh enough to blow any customer away.

What more we were damn ashame when our guest heard her saying that. So he stomp in and tell her off that her attitude sucks and that she should priortize the customer. We are giving business.

Instead of apologising, the pinoy staff replied “Im just doing my job” thats where it sparks another anger.. my guest was so mad and scolded her “Shut up bitch” and the pinoy staff replied the same!!!!!!

This incident was also witness by a group of eurasion family whom is seated right infront of the entrance.

Wake up Pizza Hut!!!!!!!! How can u allow such a rude pinoy staff working at our famous changi airport!!!!!

No apology No remorseful action!!!!

I came back again to the restaurant after we have sent our guest to the departure gate and spoke to the other manager by the name of Liza… i told her about the bad experience that we have encounter earlier, and while talking to Liza… both the Pinoy manager n the Pinoy staff refuse to come out to apologise. Why???? Fishy right!!!! Wanna cover each other backside is it????

Dear, Singaporean… how could we let this “bigheaded FT” work and stay here with this kind of uncivilise attitude.. My mum is in her 50’s and is asking her in a nicest way, but was given the shitty service by this FT Pinoy from Airport T1 pizza hut!!!! I seriously am very very upset with the whole incident and sadly, I would say even the management on duty cant handle this well..

I demand an¬†apology from the rude pinoy staff but was told that is gonna be difficult!!! My on My….. its so easy for her to raised her voice at my mum infront of other patrons but why is it so difficult for her to apologise for her doing!!! Ridiculous!!!


MdKhairi Juwita

TRS Contributor



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