Rude Taxi Passenger Exposed

Dear All Singapore Stuff,

By now many Singaporeans already watched or listened to the video of a cab passenger’s extremely rude conversation with a taxi driver who was just doing his job.

The passenger was clearly out of line and did not treat the taxi driver as a human being. He treated him like dirt and talked to him as though the driver was his slave.

According to astute netizens on a popular online forum, they quickly CSI-ed out the rude passenger’s identity and quickly exposed his face online.

This super obnoxious passenger is called Jerrel Phua. He is a professional nurse with an attitude problem. Based on his speech in the video, he obviously has an ego problem and talks down to people around him.

Perhaps he should look himself in the mirror and do something for himself rather than take his anger out on others. I hope he learns to have more respect for others and change his attitude for the better. His behaviour is very unbecoming of a career nurse.


A.S.S Reader

Editor’s Note: We hope that this man will learn from this mistake and sincerely apologise to the taxi driver for his bad attitude and behaviour. As you can see, in the short time since the video of his actions went viral, contributors have stepped up to expose his identity. Goes to show how well-liked he is as a person. We hope he will change for the better after this episode and give others their due respect.



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