Nestle Malaysia: Beware of Fake Milo

KUALA LUMPUR: Two days after government officials found imitation packs of Milo on sale in Negeri Sembilan, the manufacturers, Nestle Malaysia, began a campaign to warn its customers.

The company posted a warning on its Facebook page with photographs to show customers how to tell counterfeit products, based on the perforations on the plastic packs of the chocolate malted powdered beverage, media reports said.

Utusan Malaysia had reported today that the domestic trade ministry had seized RM250,000 worth of imitation Milo packs in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan on Friday.

The state enforcement officer Saifulbahri Abdul Kadir said 1,000 empty boxes, 50,000 empty plastic packs, a printer, a weighing machine and a numbering printer had been seized and the fake Milo was ready to be distributed around the state. The ministry would take court action under the Trade Descriptions Act, he said.

Six immigrant workers from Myanmar and Indonesia were arrested in the raid.

Nestle has claimed that Malaysians are the biggest drinkers of Milo in the world.



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