Woman Still Pained By Death Of 4 Year Old Son

Almost a year has passed since her four-year-old son’s death but time has done little to ease her pain.

Madam Rosnani Ismail, 35, still has his clothes, despite being advised by friends to give them away, because they are all that she has to remind her of him.

Muhammad Irfan Salam, who had epilepsy, died while under his father’s care in his rented flat at Toa Payoh on April 7 last year.

A Coroner’s Inquiry into his death returned an open verdict on Friday because it could not be determined how Nitrazepam, a drug used to relieve severe anxiety and insomnia, had got into Irfan’s system when it had not been prescribed to him.

Madam Rosnani said that when she saw her son’s body, she shouted at her husband: “You did this to him!”

She added: “I will never forgive him for what he has done.”


Source: www.tnp.sg

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