Why It Is Wrong To Say Lee Kuan Yew Hated Muslims


As his casket traveled through the streets of Singapore today, I think it’s about time I pay my tribute too.

Well honestly I couldn’t be bothered about the politics much, all I know is I was born here, I grew up here, go to school here, serve NS, go to work, get salary, go home, go enjoy, go live the life. All this wasn’t possible if he have not done anything about it.

If someone ask me why am I proud to be a Singaporean? Frankly, I can’t answer them but I can say that for a nation who is only 50 years old, we are actually very competitive in the world.

1. Our exchange rate is way better than any other
2. Our Diploma’s and Degree’s are recognize at almost all countries
3. Our Visas are covered at many countries
4. We are among the most safest countries in the world.
5. We have among the best healthcare systems in the world.

and the list goes on…

But at the same time, we have many downfalls too but those things which we deemed nonsense and unacceptable may sometime has a good out of it (well for at least my POV).

1. Take example the expensive cost of healthcare (well there is a govt subsidy to a certain limit but if we give 100% or a vast amount of subsidy to the people, the people will take no ownership to take care of their health)
2. The expensive COEs (do I really need to explain)
3. The expensive houses (if houses are cheap, everybody would buy a house, where would you stay then? we do not have much land)
4. Rising cost of living, then we complain salary never increase (well, technically, that’s your company’s responsibility to amend your salary)
5. Strict police rules and policies (honestly, a bent law will just do more harm then good to our nation. you wouldnt want your child to be walking at night alone do you and of course, there are minority of cases where rape, theft and murder happened, but it is not widespread, just call them unlucky)
6. Inflation going up, GST increases, yes it is a problem (but for a 1st world country, our taxes are not as expensive as other nations that may go up to 40%)
7. Other countries give $$ to their citizens who is not working (yes, our govt tries to accommodate to our non-employees or aged “Golden People” but if they do this for everyone and gives them more than what is asked, where would our desire to work and live proper goes? I might as well sit down and get money from govt every month, unfair to those who actually worked hard and pays tax)

and the list goes on…

Then lastly about what about LKY hated the muslims and such…
Well, I don’t really care, it doesn’t affect me, I mean he could say that but I still have mosques to go and worship. Bazaar Geylang is still on every year. Hari Raya PH is still there. Muslims can wear their religious costumes and still walk along the streets. I mean I still have 3 meals a day, roof over my head and places to chill out, relax, work, play and everything else, I think it is sufficient of what I need as a muslim. He can say what he wanted to say, he has gone now anyway, RIP to him but 50 years on, I can still see muslims everywhere in Singapore.

I have no issues over my cinabengs or thambikakis. I play footie with them and everytime during a Singapore football game, you can see we don’t care if we cina or india or melayu, all are Singaporeans. When I served my NS, I fought fire along side these boys and I slept with them in one hole eating the same thing they eat and drink. I feel happy having cinabengs as when my hp gone haywire, this statement will come out “later i go to ah beng shop, sure can repair”. My thambikakis indian food is top of list when I needed some flavour. My neighbours are chinese and everyday I said good morning to them and vice-versa. Yes there might be 1 small store of muslim food and indian food in a coffeeshop and tons of chinese food stalls but come on, not practical right to have so many stalls for muslim people who is just that many. Later no sales then business bankrupt wanna blame who? I love my cinabengs and thambikakis, period.

So all in all, I can weigh that LKY did more good than harm to the nation. He can’t possibly impress all 5 million of you, why don’t you be in his shoes then?? Yes he destroyed some unfortunate people’s life, put them to prison and all and if it was me, yes I would be dammed all my life too but have you ever thought of what if those who opposed him became successful? There will be good out of it I’m sure but will there be balance? Let’s just face it, Singapore wouldn’t be where it belongs and what it is now.

My advice, let the govt do what they want, they have themselves to answer to the lord when they go 6ft under someday. If they have mistreated the citizens one way or another, they will get the wallup from the almighty, who am I to say they are wrong? As LKY passings made’s it last drive down the streets, I’m sure every men-in-white realizes that life has to end someday. If anyone is not happy with the govt or LKY’s administration, migrate lor. I’m staying cause i still can do what’s right here and I feel safe here and I believe we have to be thankful regardless of what views you have. So as a proud Singaporean, I mourn the death of our Nation Greatest Builder.



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