Zulfikar Shariff: Rethingking Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy – Islam Beyond Rituals

Quite a few Tipah and Tiped (tak tahu nama Tipah lelaki) tried to justify discrimination with “Aku boleh pergi masjid sembahyang…aku boleh puasa”….mana ada diskriminasi.

As if that is all that is in Islam. Dapat sembahyang dapat puasa…dah cukup. Baik LKY…tengok kita boleh puasa…dia tak paksa kita makan.

Another group of Tipah pula argue when discussing Kuan Yew… “Our mission is to cleanse our heart”…

tu pasal lah nothing changes….bukan Kuan Yew je yang tipu Tipah…Tipah tipukan diri sendiri.

Rasulullah bawa risalah selama 23 tahun….just untuk ajar solat dan puasa? Tu je? Punya lama nak ajar solat dan puasa?

And our mission in life is just cleanse our heart? Tak kisah lah Kuan Yew buat apa..tak kisah he discriminate our brothers and sisters….tak kisah lah dia kutuk Islam..

Kita bersihkan hati je cukup…

Tu pasal lah Rasulullah hari hari cuma duduk….bersihkan hati…puasa dan solat..tu je? He didnt do anything else for Islam?

A Muslim is not simply someone who prays, fasts and cleanse his heart. The three are parts of the behaviour of the Muslim. But does not encapsulate what being a Muslim means.

A Muslim is someone who submits fully, totally…with no reservations to Allah’s wills and commands.

He not only prays, fast and cleanse his heart…he lives in full accordance with what Allah has decreed. And if there are any commands that he is prohibited from applying..he strives to remove the prohibition.

He speaks and stands against oppression. He applies Islam totally in his life or he strives within himself to apply it.

Islam is a full, comprehensive way of life, worldview, understanding.

Let us not reduce Islam to just a couple of rituals.


Source: Zulfikar Shariff

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