Can Someone Tell Alfian Sa’at To Shut Up

Can someone tell Alfian Saat person to shut the fuck up?

I am a gay Singaporean and whenever anyone in our local LGBT community speaks up, I will sit up and internalize. Most of the time, I would agree with whatever the person is saying. But I cannot agree with this bloody idiot. There are so many loopholes in his argument that I fume just by scanning it.


Tell Alfian Sa'at To Shut Up

Marginalization of Muslims? Yes, it is undeniable that he made comments that may be interpreted as being offensive to Muslims. But are your religious practices being severely restricted?! Are there no Malay-Muslims holding prominent jobs? Does Malay-Muslims have to score better than their Chinese or Indian counterparts to gain entrance into public Universities, like Malaysia?

Why not you shut the fuck up and move to Malaysia or Indonesia then, where Malay-Muslim culture wont be marginalised? Newsflash! Kelantan has just implemented hudud. Happy running around then, because you can get amputated if you put a toe out of the line. And I’m sure Malaysia and Indonesia have a higher degree of intolerance towards the LGBT community than Singapore.

Glorifying LKY? I would like to see how you can still complain and write stupid satirical pieces if LKY was not around to build the infrastructures. It takes guts and wit to lead effectively. Have some respect for that, cant you?! I do have my gripes with certain policies that the PAP has implemented. But I am still grateful that I am a Singaporean – because I have seen how my relatives in other countries have suffered. My cousin’s house was burglar-ed in broad daylight in Malaysia, fyi. You think this security popped up overnight?! Heck, the laptop and the wireless that you used to write those shitty articles are probably made accessible because of LKY’s economic policies.

And even if you still express heavy dissatisfaction at LKY himself, which is totally fine, wait till his funeral is over. I’m sure if your or your friend’s mother died you wont be making some satirical bullshit about her right? It just shows that you and that Amos Yee bitchboy are the same. Pathetic, attention-seeking with no ounce of respect for others as a human being. Even when Kim Jong-Ill died I wasn’t rejoicing or poking fun despite him leading North Korea into more economic ruins. We don’t need you two in our community, not fighting for our cause.


Source: Gay SG Confessions

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