Osman Sulaiman: Another Public Holiday Needed, Support Petition To Gazette 23 March As Public Holiday As Remembrance For Lee Kuan Yew

I heard there’s a petition to make 23 March as a public holiday as a remembrance to LKY. I support!!!!

Already Singaporeans are working one of the longest hours. We pale in comparison to other developed nations when it comes to working hours per week. Also, our number of public holidays is on the low side.

It doesnt hurt to have an additional public holiday for workers. More work-life balance. Increase the quality of living and reduce the stress to make more babies.

Naysayers will probably say productivity will take a hit. But the gov is spending billions of tax payers monies to increase productivity. Many companies benefitted from this. How come no one say anything when we spend but quick to shoot down ideas when we want to give?


Source: Osman Sulaiman

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