Petition To Gazette 23 March As Singapore Founding Founders’ Day In Memory Of Lee Kuan Yew

Dear PM Lee

As the Nation mourns for the lost of our Great Leader, Founding Father, we too wish for him to be etched forever in our memories and for many more good years to come. Generations after generations.

There are of course many ways of doing it including renaming Changi Airport to LKY International Airport and even building a statute of Mr Lee within the Tanjong Pagar Estate.

However, for Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s contributions and tireless effort to live forever through the years from this day forth requires nothing short of a gazette Public Holiday either on 23 March when Mr Lee left us.

Without Mr Lee, we know Singapore will not be where it is now in the world map.

We sincerely hope the Singapore Government will discuss on this petition and seriously consider making 23 March “Founding Father’s Day” as a Gazette Singapore Public Holiday.

Thank you very much and blessings to you and the family during this period of mourning.


Annie Chan





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