Hollywood Goes After Illegal Downloaders In Singapore

Those who illegally downloaded the Oscar-winning Hollywood film Dallas Buyers Club could soon get “pay up” letters for infringement of copyright.

The firm behind the movie, about the search for drugs to treat HIV in the mid 80s, has engaged a local law firm to send letters to several downloaders that had been identified, asking for a written offer of damages and costs.

It had earlier gone after illegal downloaders in the US and Australia after using a software programme to detect IP addresses in torrents.

The three local telcos confirmed that they received demands to reveal information of their subscribers.

They refused until court orders were issued to M1 and StarHub to compel them to do so. Singtel’s case is still before the courts.

Intellectual property and technology lawyer Han Wah Teng said illegal downloaders may have to pay the copyright owner up to $10,000 for statutory damages.


Source: www.tnp.sg

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