Walid J Abdullah: Media Should Stop Reinforcing Stereotypes In Hailing Formal Progress

I congratulate Encik Masagos Zulkifli on his promotion. The issue of ‘one Muslim minister per cabinet’ has been brought up many times (i myself have talked to my MP about this), and credit where it is due, today there is change in this regard. I pray that he will be given strength and wisdom to discharge his responsibilities in the best of ways.

At the same time, i hope that our local newspapers will stop using phrases like ‘this marks the coming of age of Malay politicians’. Whether they realize it or not, such statements are really condescending.

For there to be true multi-racialism, formal progress (such as political appointments) must not be hampered by informal structures (such as ethnic stereotypes). Our media would do well to stop perpetuating – directly or indirectly – the myth of the lazy native and the ‘incompetent Malay’ stereotype.

Hopefully this is a start to greater things, and God-willing, one day we will even have a Minister of Defence or Finance who is Muslim.


Source: Walid J. Abdullah

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