Lions XII Captain Isa Halim Is NKF’s Live Right Ambassador

Footballer Isa Halim, the captain of the LionsXII team, is helping the National Kidney Foundation promote healthy living and prevent kidney disease as its Live Right Ambassador.

He took on his new role as the foundation launched a fundraising campaign at Wisma Atria on Sunday (Apr 12).

The campaign aims to promote a healthy lifestyle especially among youths and the Malay community, which statistics show makes up a disproportionate number of kidney patients.

Isa showed off his skills to some members of the audience at the launch and then spoke of how he intends to play his role.

“I’ll be doing a soccer clinic with the Malay community and I’d like to educate them on the importance of exercising right, eating right,” said Isa. “For me, prevention is very important. At an early stage, for them to be educated on how to live right and eat right is a good opportunity to bring down the number of dialysis patients.”

Also unveiled at the launch was a pair of limited edition porcelain vases, given to the foundation by former president S R Nathan. The vases were inspired by the Singapore flag and the national flower Vanda Miss Joaquim.

Former President S R Nathan commissioned 138 pairs of porcelain vases from Franz Collection, renowned for its porcelain creations, to raise funds for charity. NKF is one of the charities to receive a pair of these limited edition porcelain vases.



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