Law Society Produces Pamphlet To Inform Of Rights And Investigation Process Carried Out By Police

The Law Society has produced a Pamphlet of Rights to provide basic information on the relevant rights a person has when being questioned by the police and the process they should expect during investigations.

In a news release on Tuesday (Apr 14), the Law Society said the pamphlet is “important and necessary” because information about legal rights during investigations may not be easy for members of the public to find or understand.

“In 2013, the Law Society’s Criminal Practice Committee began work on a “Pamphlet of Rights” for members of the public,” said the release. “The idea was to provide basic information in a condensed and ‘simple to understand’ form to the public.”

The pamphlet covers information about legal rights during investigation, search of possessions and property, prosecution and also legal aid.

Pamphlet of Rights is currently being distributed to community clubs and police stations where it will soon be made available to members of the public and people who are arrested or brought in for questioning by the police.

The pamphlet was produced through the engagement of various stakeholders in criminal justice system such as the Attorney-General’s Chambers and the Ministry of Home Affairs, with support from the Ministry of Law.The Law Society said it hopes to make it available in as many public locations as possible.



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