Saladworks In JEM Flooded

A salad shop in Jem mall in Jurong was flooded on Thursday evening.

An employee of Saladworks, which is on the second floor of the Jurong East mall, said that the flood occurred at about 4.40pm, and that “water just started coming from the pipe”. She said she believed that units directly below the shop were also affected.

When The Straits Times visited the shopping mall at 8.30pm, workers were seen mopping the floor outside the shop. The eatery was closed, and a section of its storefront blocked off from public access. Sandbags were placed near the entrance of the Paris Baguette cafe next door, which was still open for business.

One floor below, an upriding escalator was out of service, and water was seen dripping from the ceiling.

An employee working at PrettyFIT shoes store, which is two units away from Saladworks, said it was not the first time the eatery was flooded.

The employee, who wanted to be known only as Yolanda, said: “A few months ago, near Christmas time, there was another flood. That was bad, it affected Paris Baguette and PrettyFIT.”

Ms Yolanda added that a friend who works at the salad shop told her that the first flooding occurred because of a clogged pipe.

Several incidents have been reported at the shopping mall which opened in June 2013, including at least two small fires, flooding when sprinklers came on unexpectedly and a ceiling collapse due to a burst water pipe.



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