Syazwan Ariffin Mohd Saleh: Perseverance Key To Graduating From Officer Cadet Course

A Leader’s Anecdote

OCT Syazwan Ariffin Bin Mohd Saleh from the Infantry will be commissioning this evening. He went Out-of-Course (OOC) due to injury and only rejoined the Officer Cadet Course (OCC) after he had recovered.

“My toughest moment was when I went OOC from the earlier course. During my recovery, I was deciding if I should take up the challenge of the OCC again. My family and friends however, encouraged me and this gave me a lot of emotional boost.”

As one who was relatively more experienced, some of the other Officer Cadets from his current course turned to him for advise. “Eventually we all managed to gelled together“, he shared. “When my peers needed help, I will help them, and vice versa. Everyone was in the OCC together, and everyone carried each other along. ”

OCT Syazwan’s experience in OCC has taught him the importance of believing in himself. “If I know and have trust in myself, I can do it. I aspire to be a leader who will walk the talk. When I instruct my men to do something, I will tell them to do what I believe is the best decision – and I will do it with them.”

The Singapore Army congratulates the 96/14 OCC and wishes them the best for their Commissioning Parade.

To Lead. To Excel, To Overcome!


Source: The Singapore Army

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