Being An Officer In And Out Of Camp

Stepping forward for the men in green

Some days ago, a story surfaced on social media where a man calmly mediated a misunderstanding between a NSF and a member of public on an MRT train. Our Singapore Army found that the man was no other than LTA Dionel Arun, a Platoon Commander in the 3rd Battalion, Singapore Guards.

LTA Dionel was returning home when he saw that a member of the public was upset about a soldier accidentally spilling plain water on the MRT. Noticing the distress in the servicemen, he stepped forward to apologise for the soldier’s actions anEditd assisted to clean up the spilled water.

LTA Dionel shared, “As a commander, I believe we are responsible for our soldiers whether in or out of camp, in or out of uniform and regardless of the unit. I feel that we need to appreciate our soldiers, who dedicate two years of their time serving the country. They deserve to be respected.”

That’s truly leading by example and caring for our soldiers. Well done LTA Dionel!


Source: The Singapore Army

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