IKEA Singapore To Continue Support For Magic Show By Pastor Lawrence Khong

Furniture retailer Ikea Singapore will not pull out of a tie-up that offers members of its loyalty programme discounted rates for a show that features a pastor known for his views against homosexuality.

The decision to continue the promotion comes after a thorough review, said the company in a statement on Tuesday.

It said: “We have spoken directly with the organizers, reviewed the content and confirmed that the Vision show offers high family entertainment value and, on that basis, we are continuing our promotional collaboration.”

Vision, a magic show performed by pastor Lawrence Khong of Faith Community Baptist Church and his daughter Priscilla, will be held at the Esplanade in July.

In its statement, Ikea Singapore added that it respects the diversity and equality of all people in the community.

“We also respect that all individuals have a right to their opinions and personal choices, including the freedom to choose their preferred entertainment,” it said.

The company thanked customers for their patience as the company deliberated over an issue that had “raised sensitivities in our community”.

Mr Khong is known for his strong views against homosexuals. Last year, he pledged support for a campaign to “wear white” in protest of the LGBT picnic Pink Dot.

His church did not respond to queries.


Source: www.straitstimes.com

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