Female Teacher Under Stress, Commits Suicide

A female teacher who could not bear with the stresses of her job decided to end it all – by slitting her wrists and jumping off the 13th storey of her flat.

The incident took place this morning at 4AM at a HDB flat along Marsiling St 17. The female teacher was identified as 28 year-old Malaysian Luo Pei Wen. She lived alone in a room she rented from her landlady. She had been working as a Mandarin teacher at a local secondary school.

According to her landlady Luo had rented her room for over half a year. Her appearance had become increasingly frail in recent weeks.

“I chatted with her yesterday, she complained that the stress was very great and that she was feeling tired. I didn’t expect her to commit suicide,” the landlady said.

She said that she had brought her eldest daughter shopping when the suicide took place. When she arrived at her block, she realized that someone had committed suicide but did not suspect that it was Luo.

When she returned home, she realized that Luo had not left her room and decided to check on her. After knocking her door to no response, they opened the door and realised that there was a large pool of blood. After calling Luo’s school to check if she had gone to work, she realized what had happened.

Source: www.allsingaporestuff.com

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