M Ravi Apologises To The Law Society

Lawyer M. Ravi on Wednesday apologised for claiming that the Law Society’s counsel shouted at him and assaulted him during a hearing in February.

Mr Ravi, who has been suspended from practice following concerns about his mental health, attended a hearing in High Court in February after the Law Society of Singapore, represented by Shook Lin and Bok lawyer Pradeep Pillai, applied to have his practicing certificate suspended and to compel him to undergo a medical examination.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Mr Ravi said: “I had published a media statement…(which) stated that during the hearing, Mr Pillai had shouted at me and assaulted me. My statement was malicious, utterly and demonstrably false…Both Mr Pillai and his team of lawyers had acted with decorum at all times during the hearing.”

He added: “I accept that my statement was defamatory. I hereby unreservedly and unconditionally apologise to Mr Pillai. I further undertake not to repeat my statement.”

When contacted by The Straits Times, Mr Pillai declined to comment further.

He said: “The apology speaks for itself.”

A spokesman for the Law Society added: “The Law Society always maintained that Mr M. Ravi’s allegation was false… The (society) is glad that Mr Pillai has been vindicated.”


Source: www.straitstimes.com

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