Arnold’s Fried Chicken: Cutlery, Plates And Utensils Used By Filipino Was Disposed Of

It has come to our attention that a post has been circulating on social media which shows a customer having a meal together with something that is not on our menu. With regards to this incident, we would like to officially state that we do not condone such actions and that the manager on duty did actually do what was required to rectify the matter.

On 25 April 2015, a customer brought in her own food into our premises without our knowledge despite signs stating that no outside food and drinks are allowed within the restaurant premise. The manager on duty who was informed of this then approached the customer in question to inform her that outside food and drinks are strictly not allowed in the restaurant. He then provided her with a paper bag to pack her food and told her that it is to be kept away. After which, the manager then monitored them from the counter.

After the lady in the photo and her family was done with their meal we cleared the table and disposed of all the utensils, plates and cutlery used at that table as per protocol for such occurrences.

Rest assured that we maintain a very stringent view towards having no outside food and drinks in our restaurant and our customers are generally very understanding, considerate and well informed on our restaurant etiquette.

Moving forward, we will practice more vigilance to make sure that such things do not happen again. We offer our sincerest apologies to all our customers for the anxiety caused. We seek your kind understanding and grace towards this issue.

Thank you.


Source: Arnold’s Fried Chicken (S) Pte Ld

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