Accounts Manager And PR Jailed 4 Weeks For Sex With An Underage Girl

An accounts manager was jailed for four weeks on Tuesday in relation to a long-running online vice ring scandal involving an underage girl.

Singapore permanent resident Atet Kardjono Sianandar, 42, is the 48th man to be dealt with and 46th to be convicted among 51 men first hauled to court three years ago.

His jail sentence is the lowest to date as he had tried to verify the minor’s age and asked for her identity card.

He admitted to paying $750 for the 17-year-old’s sexual services at Elizabeth Hotel on Nov 20, 2010.

In his text messages to the social escort’s pimp, Tang Boon Thiew, Atet had asked whether the minor was over 18. Tang assured him that she was.

Before the girl turned up at the hotel room, Atet had told Tang that he would like to check the minor’s identity card but Tang told him she did not bring it along.

Atet, who was represented by Mr Anand Nalachandran, could have been jailed for up to seven years and/or fined.



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