Lee Hsien Loong Gets All Clear For Prostate Cancer

Doctors have given Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong the all-clear for prostate cancer, following a blood test two weeks ago.

The test was done two months after Mr Lee underwent keyhole surgery in February for early-stage prostate cancer, which was discovered through a regular check-up. Doctors have said he has a 98 per cent chance of not dying from prostate cancer after 15 years, the Prime Minister said yesterday at the May Day Rally.

But other health issues could crop up, Mr Lee said. Ill health could also affect other members of the Cabinet, weakening the team, he said.

“Just because you are a minister does not mean you’re Superman. It doesn’t mean you won’t get ill, it doesn’t mean you don’t grow old,” he said. “If I lose any of them, my team will be weaker. Can I replace them quickly with people of the same quality and experience?”

The current Cabinet is “balanced”, with some experienced ministers and newer ones who joined after the 2011 General Election, but Mr Lee, 63, said his job is also to build a strong leadership team for the future.

“We will all grow old and we all need successors,” he said.


Source: www.todayonline.com

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